Season One

Episode 1: Opening Day

It's opening day at Hart Street Lemonade Stand.

Episode 2: Health Inspector

Health Inspector Zack Novak comes to look over the lemonade stand.

Episode 3: Catering Event

The Hart Street Lemonade Stand works a catering event.

Episode 4: Morning Commute

The employees of Hart Street Lemonade Stand reveal their standard morning commutes.

Episode 5: TV Commercial

The Hart Street Lemonade Stand looks to make a TV Commercial with their most frequent customer.

Episode 6: Summer Vacation

The Employees get together to tell the stories of their summer vacations.

Episode 7: 100th Customer

The 100th Customer of the season arrives at the stand. 

Episode 8: Big Lemonade

In the thrilling conclusion to season one, the employees are propositioned by Tick Peever of Fat Squeeze Lemonade